No Boundaries

9:55 AM Allison K 2 Comments

Thu and I are going to start shooting again whoop whoop. Luckily for you we still have some photos left! 

My three day overnight shift at work is finally over and let me tell you I expect a six pack to come in the mail within a week. 

Also, I don't know if it's just a me thing or if it is an everyone thingie but whenever you look at past photos do you think wow so much thinner? Or is that just me, because no lie I'm the person who still has their baby fat.



  1. Nah, when I look at past photos of me I think "Why did I thought I was ugly again?" :D Cause I used to think I was ugly, but I kind of think I was pretty back then :D
    Adore the top and is that skirt suede? So fancy!

  2. Get a few bridal magazines, a pen and some paper, and start taking some notes such as the popular style of this year, elegante Abendkleider


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