Every Tear is a Waterfall

11:14 AM Allison K 2 Comments

There is a high percentage that when I bought this shirt yesterday I was not mentally there. Pretty sure I wasn't considering I walked out of my last early morning rollout flip already gearing up to pass out. I won't go into the stories just yet because today I'm going to find out from my manager if our flip was a success.


Work makes me boring and the moment I saw this shirt I thought I need it, I need a crazy pattern to try to sort out how to style. On the low it reminds me of the cult classic The Yellow Submarines starring the Beatles. Shoutout to my Dad for showing it to 5 year old me because pretty sure that movie has fucked with me in some form.  

Typically, when I work with something statement the first time I keep it chill in terms of matching and styling so I can set up the foundation on where I can take it next. Think of it like styling steps before I ultimately throw in some crazy layering and color mixing. 

It's a funky pattern which is why I wanted to match the theme which is why my denim Topshop skirt was a perfect match. It brings it all together and I would say I'm feeling pretty Chloe right now because of it.

Wood heels; especially when they are monster heels, always do great when you're trying to be funky.



  1. That shirt is crazzzzy with super cool patterns! I would've never known how to style that so kudos to you lol.

    I miss you so much dude! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash


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