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I'm a gothic ~*~*princess~**~

Seriously, I look like I could be a part of the emo kid clique that I used to see back when I was in high school 1000 years ago.

Anyway, anyone see the Givenchy show? It wasn't anything groundbreaking, but definitely and guarantee it will influence trends and styles.
Which it did for me atleast...and Zara. 
I remember after seeing the show I said "wow I can't wait to see this stuff in Zara"

and I did see it in Zara...and I bought it; don't judge me ok I still like the collection
I would say the Givenchy show was definitely up my alley with the lace detailing and girl accents with a dash of deconstructed looks.  

Have a look here if you want to know what I'm rambling about: click here

Everything is from ZARA btw
not sponsored I just like zara ok

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  1. I loooove Zara! Recently bought a mustard jacket from there and I literally heard my wallet cry when I gave the cash, Zara is super, but it's darn expensive for Bulgarian standards :(
    The gothic outfit is rocking, I love the layering, but can't quite figure out the pieces, is it a dress and a top? And a choker?


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