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Last week Thu and I saw the Glass Animals concert. It was their first headlining tour and we were the first stop and let me say it was rockin.

Where can I begin? Wait shit, I'll start with the opening.
On the real his intro was weak and I kept saying with Thu bruh this shit is too indie even for me but as we progressed he got his footing and I was definitely hyped up.

When Glass Animals came they were on time! Like holy shit, most bands are late! (Props2u!!)
The stage was lit and they sounded amazing live. They covered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and more importantly Kanye (Ye2020 anyone?) 
Needless to say it brought out my inner Bay Area self and Thu's adopted Bay Area self because       kept yelling YAAS and Ye2020, What's gwud. 
Think of two people yelling that while everyone else were these mellow hipster or try hard basic like people and you got the imagery I'm trying to create.

In case you didn't just read that, I'll sum up: 
They are good live and extremely cute and humble a must see if you like the band.
I've been digging Glass Animals since my cousin introduced me. I would definitely say listen to Gooey Giligan Moss remix because it's what got them super famous and then go from there.
(Personally I love the original and the song Flip.)


Honestly I hadn't listened to the majority of Glass Animals' songs prior to the shows. I knew them because my friend showed me their cover of Kanye's Love Lockdown I was so hooked. Then I started listening to Gooey, but that was about it. When Allison asked me if I wanted to come to the show, I was like: "WTF, I'm just gonna go for it. I trust them to give me a good time HAHAHAHA." I was not wrong at all! Although we sat hella far away from the stage, but that wouldn't stop me and Allison from having a good time dancing and not giving fucks to the people around. My new favorite song from them after the show right now is probably Pools. I still remember Allison went HAM to this song during the encore and we had hella good time.

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  1. Gotta be honest and say they're very blah for me :D sorryyy! I bet the concert was cool though :D Glad you had an awesome time! ^_^


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