Make It Out Alive

11:04 AM Allison K 1 Comments

What did I wear my first day of school? This outfit! On the real, the lack of fucks I give for the first day of school is almost non existent. After years of dressing nice the first day I realized there is truly no point. lol.

It's pretty much why I kept it chill by wearing my little girl looking dress. I've actually been wanting a dress like this for years now and lucky me H&M had one! A simple white dress can really go a long way; the styling possibilities is unlimited.


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  1. Dear Allison, this is Effy from YOINS. I have sent an fashion blogger invitation to your Email: Please check. Thank you so much for your valuable time
    By the way, you look stunning in this outfit. Super cool and chic. I really like your snakeskin boot


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