Valley of Gardens

6:12 AM Allison K 2 Comments

*and after a while of inconsistency we shall continue with our usual scheduling*
Seriously though, I'm back after a struggling week and what better way to kick off the week than with an outfit? If you happen to think there is a better way...well ok.'

I wore this to the Glass Animals concert and comically told Thu I plan to wear it the next day...she then proceeded to tell me she was going to wear the same outfit too. Flash forward to the next day and we did. What can I say sometimes I get lazy.

I swooped this skirt at the Reformation Sample sale and literally it's like walking into a cat fight for discounted clothes.
Also....I wore this shirt looked so plane jane in the front so I switched it around to show some a dramatic slit. Keep that in mind in case you're bored of a shirt try flipping it around.



  1. Love this outfit! That skirt is amazing and probably totally worth having to fight your way through the sale!

  2. Hahah, usually when I like a certain outfit I'd wear it whole week, eeew, I know!
    Wow, that first shot is phenomenal, looks like a magazine shot! Super pretty!


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