It's Not That

11:06 PM Allison K 2 Comments

I went home this past weekend and sometimes when I go back I like to see if any of my old clothes catch my eye again. What caught my eye this weekend was this pair of Cheap Monday shorts, that were originally Mom jeans, but I hacked them back in the day in the hopes they would fit. Which doesn't make much sense because it didn't fit me at all around my waist....

let's not question 16 year old Allison, but either way I ended up with bermuda shorts. Flash forward three years later, I thought hm, I wonder if I lost enough weight to put them on and after a good minute of internal screaming I realized I DO fit them. Like wow, good job me.

I wanted to go a little bit more boho which is why I matched it with my vest.
Sad moment I wish I had a concho hat because swear, it would look so good.

Also P.S. you probs won't be seeing my Weekday shirt for a while because....
I spilled ketchup on it from a sandwich. :(



  1. Your jacket is so cute !

    xoxo Clarisse


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