She Hits Like Ectasy

12:46 PM Allison K 1 Comments

Happy midterms peeps, my life is a living hell filled with powered donuts and sleeping an average of four hours. It's a dark time right now and the only thing getting me through it is the thought of passing and then sleeping for 15 hours.

This is me attempting to fall it up...even though there is a heatwave. I tried, like really I did. I darkened my palette by wearing my Reformation skirt with my long sleeve chiffon shirt. I like to call this my promiscuous top because you can see my cleavage.

I actually wanted to wear pants with this but as I decided to change into this exact skirt Thu came out like why don't you wear your Reformation skirt. Bam, we're such twins.

Tip of ze day: Grey hats are great for fall because it's a lighter palette and is great with fall colors and patterns


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