When The Lights Go Down

12:43 AM Allison K 1 Comments

New favorite shoot straight up
Let's scratch out all the time I said I'm mixing it for this outfit photo because this is definitely mixing it up. Since it was raining all day Thu and I decided to play with her new flash and shoot in her garage.

The original intent I had was to create a juxtaposition by wearing something almost dainty and angelic but really, nothing came to me. With me, I dress in so many trends on the real it really just depends on my mood what I feel like going for and sadly I haven't felt like being super girly like back when I was 16 for a long time.

So thus the leather jacket came in; I also thought dark garage with leather jacket probably will probably make this shoot like All Saints like.

The leopard print boots were an add on to make me a little bit more fierce. 
Before it was throwing your jacket over your shoulders now I'm digging the whole leaving it on one shoulder thing. Shoutout to my job for convincing me this is okay because, half our mannequins have one shoulder jackets.


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  1. Love how edgy but put together this look is! Great post.


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