Suit Inspiration

7:55 PM Allison K 0 Comments

I like suits now. I know right, considering how feminine I used to dress this is a huge change. I personally blame my heavy schedule; with me working, having two internships, and doing school full time I've been looking for ways to be chill but cool. That's where suits come in.

Add in a graphic, or maybe fur like I did. Either way, it's so easy to chill it out. 
Today, a look I did was I wore a neck tie and let it go loose but to keep it even more casual, I half tucked my shirt and sagged my pants. Believe me, there are so many ways to chill the suit.

P.S. Suits are pretty warn if you layer them up

*photo creds: Natalieoffduty, Songofstyle, ZARA USA*


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