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 The day before Halloweenie *how spoopy I know* I went with Sensei Adrienne to meet young Tavi from Rookie Mag. Before you click read more and hear what went on I did pull a Bay Area move and tell her to say hella. I did, She is now of the Bay

There was a moment when Tavi kept apologizing for being bitter. I think this was in light of the fact that most of the people were still in high school. For me, I understood exactly where she was coming from. Tavi kept talking about the loneliness she felt moving to New York alone and how strange it feels to be an adult but have a voice, and the weird realities she sees being alone and a independent adult. It related heavily on the questions, that she received mostly asking her how she makes herself known, how she feels okay about being alone, and really how it feels being in adulthood/the college age.

If I could have said anything I would have said it's true, you will learn these answers with age. I know it's a generic answer to give anyone who is confused and I'm sure 16 year old me would punch me in the fucking face but it's really as simple as that; you'll figure it out with age.

The bitter part isn't exactly negative, I think when you're young you truly can't help but only want to think positively. It's because, on the most part you lived your life in a parental bubble of protection and dinner on the table at 6:30 PM sharp. 

I just couldn't help but really understand when she kept saying it's not a bad thing because it's not. Being bitter or understanding the downfalls of what goes on comes with the new territory you under. The raw feelings you will feel such as heartbreak and depression is something expected. I dealt with it head on and I can really say it will come and it will go; and typically when it's gone you can't help but think that was it? I would relive that moment again because, it wasn't as bad. With the perks of becoming bitter or seeing reality for what it is, you eventually will come to terms with it and with age, I think you'll figure out your own way to become to cope with it. 

It reminds me of a time when my AP lit teacher threw out his UC Berkeley wisdom and it was
"when the universe hands you something you can only graciously accept it and let what happen may"


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