The Blogger Cult

3:29 PM Allison K 0 Comments

Real life got me man. With school, internship, work obligations how do I even find the time to be on here?
How do bloggers do it; you know the ones that find the time to post on their 
*takes a deep breath*

Bloggers essentially live on the internet they only exist on the internet so their lives are blended in a somewhat nasty way. Sadly, my life will never be a part of the internet cult.  I still have a life, I have work and school obligations. 

It's because of my life I think how do /majority/ of bloggers I'm aware of (and don't like much whoops) keep up with their lives? Do they even have a life /lol/
Come on is posting your cup of coffee on several occasions on your Instagram an indictor of having a life? I don't know man, lately as I see blogger sprout out of the ground like it's nothing I really wonder the legitimacy of their lives. They are always on their blogs, snapchat, instagram and is it really real? 

I exclude the bloggers that have risen to be deemed a top blogger and have made a brand for themselves, but I'm talking about that mass percentage of bloggers that randomly decided they would become a blogger.My teacher once said to me with disgust minus bloggers that were here from the very beginning what use are they? They're just models now that buy followers. In some ways it is true, now the mass percentages of bloggers are just models for companies. Is blogging what it was? Their lives are all the same I can find the same San Francisco fashion blogger feed in so many. Where is the distinction? It makes me sad, because I was around when blogging was exciting, it was showing off difference now it's showing off you're a part of the mass. 


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