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 But then seriously when you feel like buying something for yourself may the guilt ghost swoop in and remind you that you got friends to buy gifts 4.

and with that I'll continue my holladaze guide with BAAAGGS

Bags are easy but at the same time nerve-wracking; every girl needs a purse and at the same time that girl owns a solid collection.  So really what bag does she need? You be surprised how picky a girl is about their bag down to the hardware on it (aka me)

but general tips I live by if I'm buying a bag is:

1.) "Keep it ~*classy~*"
 it's classic and simple and your friend can try to be like "this is boring no" but watch you'll see he wearing it in like a month.

2. "Go Hard Go Home"
My friends are the type of people who will try anything but when it comes to them actually buying things off the grid from their usual style they hesitate to spend that cash. Save them the money and buy it for them! Metallic bags or bags with statement detailing are always a good choice. For prints, leopard is generally accepted print and most girls will not complain if they receive it. 

3. "It's like Kind of structured"
Some gals can't do structure quite yet; but then on the real structure makes everything better. Getting a U-shaped bag gives some structure and form but also keeps it chill because it does mimic the shape of a hobo bag.


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