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When all things fail in finding a present the best way to make up for it is by getting a nice ass card (and money/cash in that gift card)
Cards are great and I know because sometimes I get crap gifts but when I get a good ass card I almost forget about the present and only remember that hella funny card
and with that here are some nice cards to help you start the hell that is holladaze shopping
For your friends and your mother that can take a hit here are my favorite cards!

The holladaze is the best time to practice your dance moves...because everyone will be too drunk to tell the difference between bad and good

Pretty cute and funny cards from Ohhdeer. 
They aren't afraid to throw in slight curse words in some of their cards making them good for your more bitter friends. 

I mean everyone will be drunk or smelly from the eggnog....so it's kind of true. /whoops sorry not sorry/

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It's true it don't matter if you saved the human race I'm still too stingy to buy you anything


has a nice selection of cards covering different holidays like Christmas *obvi* and birthdays! It's sassy and pretty funny...especially when your friends (or mom) read this drunk.

It ain't no Christmas unless you bust out the Chinese food! Like seriously, every year my Dad tries to tell my family he's going to cook a ham and all that good stuff and yet my cousins, uncles and aunties come with Chinese food.

and every year I eat the whole tray of fried rice.

(Has cards based on what's relevant today, for your more updated friends...and family, my mom just admitted she watches The Kardashians)

I hope you liked it and let me know what sassy cards you like *or what cards you've gotten*
I'll be posting more guides on ze Holladaze as ze days roll by :^)

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