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Perfume is definitely tricky for the newer kids in the park. Fragrances should work like your autograph it's your signature scent. With designer perfume, fragrance shops it can be intense picking a scent.

Luckily a really amazing company called Pinrose  has created a solution to this issue and created a scent test that can help determine what is your perfect fragrance! 
They scent me a starter pack and after smelling them here is my revieeewww!


"Pinrose uses synesthesia to personalize the buying experience for each customer. Shumate and Luby created a quiz that asks a series of color, shape, and sound preference questions. At the end, the quiz generates a customized scent "prescription". Over 100,000 people have taken this quiz and contributed to the recommendation algorithm."
-From their site

So to explain it basically you take a test that asks you what nature photos, scenery, even music you like and picks a perfume based around that. I was a little skeptical in the beginning seeing as I'm such a back and forth person. Taking the test I got the "Charmer" as my result and was sent a sample pack and I love it.

The Sample Pack:

It's awesome, they sent me packs around my test results and they gave a lot~! Usually, whenever I receive samples (Looking at you Sephora) it's not exactly a lot but with them they saw no shame in just packing up my little case.

Oh, and look at the case it's SO FRIGGEN cute. I'm a huge sucker for packing and on the low, I knew I liked it the moment I saw packaging.

The packs were based around my test and on the low, I do like most of them! Of course, I do have favorites I would actually buy but overall they are pretty nice scents!

Campfire is sadly the only one I'm not SUPER in love with. It's because personally I don't like musky nature scents. 

But def if you love woodsy scents it's definitely more fit for you!

My FAV is actually Pillow Poet. 

You know when you finish your laundry and it's warm and soft and has a nice soft smell to it. It's almost like you want to go to sleep? Yeah that's pretty much what it smells like.

Which is why I love it because on the low, I tried this one out before going to bed and it smelled so good and being under warm covers I knocked out.

My other favorite is Cuddle Punk

The site says it's a mixture of Apricot and on the real it is! I love the sweet smell of apricot 


Overall, they were really good at communication and are really friendly! I loved how fast it came and the fact they do offer samples for you is very helpful. Some sites you'll be surprised just start to assume what you prefer only on the fact that you took their test.  

The site is easy to manage AND if you look at the perfume they show their mood boards for it which I love. In fashion school most ideas do start off as a mood board to help explain the thought process and seeing it really does help!

Price wise, considering I buy perfumes like Marc Jacobs and I'm down to buy a Chloe, $55 for a bottle off the site is pretty fair priced. Victoria Secret sells their fragrances for roughly $35 so for $55 it's a fair price. 

So far the fragrances have remained on me the whole day! I mean...I've been at home all day and haven't done anything but I can still smell it!  So if you do purchase it you will have a perfume that will last!

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