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10:24 AM Allison K 1 Comments

Before we start, my hair doesn't look cool it almost depresses me how bad my roots have gotten.

Yeah man, I love this skirt I can't not wear it. I'll admit, it's extremely short and if 16 year old me had it she would hike it up like no other but flash forward to today, I actually prefer sagging my skirts and pants. I know right, when did this change come about? It's almost amazing how your style can change during the gap between young teen to young adult isn't it?

Also, like my Fendi keychain it costs 1200. Just kidding..subtract the two zeros and you have the real price. You know as a kid I never liked puff balls but ever since that moment I lost my keys I decided man I need the most ignorant keychain ever so I'll never lose my keys.  

And guarantee since then I haven't lost it /knock on wood/

(also PS till finals end I'll be posting every three days :) )


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  1. Love your look babe, the skirt is really super cool and I love the sassy fluff ball detail ;) xx

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


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