Admitting Defeat

9:10 PM Allison K 2 Comments

Is it ever really possible to stop working? Even when I'm not clocked in at work, not sitting in a lecture, working at my internship I feel my gears are running nonstop. With my ever so small desire to run this blog still around too it's hard to escape the guilt I feel on a constant basis. 

I finally took some serious personal time to myself; a trip to the East Coast to be with my friend of 10 years. I went with
zero intention to come up with blog content, I didn't have the burden of schoolwork on my shoulders, and I halted my internship activities for this break. 

It was a breath of fresh air just stepping down. I've been feeling extremely crazy inside for the longest time and so tired. To be in fashion on a 24/7 basis even me, a person who constantly does it admits it's not easy. Fashion is a complex thing and its linked to so much other things. So to be honest, to be only in fashion is the same thing as accepting your demise. You need to breathe and see what else is offered to truly expand the creative mind.

And with that intro, I'll start posting the pictures from my trip :)


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