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The whole stereotype that artists are these filthy messy people is 90% a load of shit. We aren't filthy; atleast most of us and we are kind of not really that messy. We're more organized messy and you know why? It's because of all the supplies we have to carry.  

On a serious note, I used to be really messy back in the day. Recently I finally dropped the "really" part and now I'm just messy. What a step up am I right? I do admit I have shaped up in terms of organization for school. Going back to the annoying days of high school, I remember the reason why I only carried one pen and a wooden pencil to school was because I couldn't take the amount of unnecessary school items that were apparently a "requirement". If I could give advice to anyone I would say trust me...the teacher's supply list is a load of shit. I'm a jaded soul because of that reason till art school hit and I realized shit, I have too much shit to not be organizedish (I will never be super clean freak status sorryz)

I would like to talk about a friggen website called Spring. They are a site that curates and finds amazing items on sale for you. On the site brands like Opening Ceremony, Marissa Web, and French Connection are shown. It's pretty good because it condenses all the sales for you and let me tell you anything with OC is hella good in my book. Check out their site they have a lot of nice items!

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