The Bitch Slap Year

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I think until recently the thrill of a New Year always used to make me so happy. I remember the days where I would list out things I wanted from losing weight, to improving myself, even to some cringe worthy wishes like wanting a boyfriend. The only thing I've managed to ever accomplish from my list was maybe get a better wardrobe.
What can I say, my life has never been sugarcoated and because of that reason I believe if you want something you have to work day by day for it.
That my friends, is my technical new years resolution...well okay, my real one was to eat dim sum and drink till I pass out and precisely at 4:37 am I found myself on the ground of my apartment and realized shit, I did accomplish a resolution. boo fucking yeah man

2015 wasn't the best year of my life it was a learning experience. Flashing back to my days living in a university dorm I was still pretty unhappy with my life. I was reconstructing what I lost from stupid partying in first semester, dealing with issues that plagued me through my teenage years needless to say, it was one hell of a detox. 

It was a year, where Brokehell stopped being a place where I can experience and be fashion because my life finally became all fashion. Before, it was easy to update Brokehell because it was still my fashion side but then with getting a job as a visual stylist, interning, and putting my all into schoolwork I realized Brokehell isn't what it used to be. I still love Brokehell, I've worked the whole year revamping and figuring out the aesthetic for it. It took time, and I still admit, blogging isn't something I'm as keen about but I love what Brokehell is now; just a place where I can talk about what I want when I want maybe it's fashion maybe it's not. 

The issue with that is time, I lost all my free time.
The free time I had to work for several hours on Brokehell was gone, the hours I had to spend with friends disappeared. To do anything or to achieve the one ultimate goal in your life you kind of just have to give it everything you have. Atleast, that's my life motto because frankly I don't want to give a half assed performance. I want to give something that even if it's not the best it was something with a story or meaning to it; I want to put out something that shows I put all the effort I could give. 

It's a bittersweet revelation realizing where my priorities lie...and that I may not actually have a social life /lol/. The moment I started fashion I knew this day would come and you know I've come to peace with it. 2015 I realized life isn't fair and things won't go your way but in the words of my AP lit teacher "The only way to live a life full of meaning is to accept what the universe brings you and let what happen may"

I'll see what the universe throws at me (can it be good?) but for now I admit I lived 2015 the fullest I could and looking back it was a year I needed. Peace out 2015.

(btw I call it the bitchslap year because man I got bitch slapped with hella shit)


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