Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wishlist: Dream Handbag

I have work all week and what's getting me through it all is the thought that if I work hard enough during this month and a bit of next I can afford this beauty. 

Real Bag Drive Right now.
wish me luck.

Also, I'm creating a giant guide post that I will upload later on!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Shot this with Thu right before I left for my vacation. 


In Fashion school, each professor will assign an assignment that takes around two or more hours and expect it done by the next class. It puts a lot of mental stress on every student partially because we're not just doing an assignment, we're doing something that could be put in our art portfolio. It's very easy to fall into the university trance and feel rushed to get everything perfectly done within a week.

It's really just easy to in general fall into this mindset everything needs to come and be done perfectly in a short amount of time.  It made me think that all things in my life should be accomplished in a short amount of time and come by a certain deadline.

With school over I really don't have any reason to think like that or feel pushed to come up with some creative concept within a fucking week. 
I literally just realized this and it feels good to think I have the time to deal and finally calm the fuck down. 

Like seriously, I need to calm down I have a terrible over perfectionist attitude and although I admit I'm on the low a workaholic and even though I love working I realized I should take it easy because I've had an acne breakout caused by stress for a month and I'm so done with this shit. lol

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I've honestly known about Monki for a really long time but now I finally decided to check them out on Asos and I'm obsessed. Maybe it's because I'm trying to wear simpler pieces that focus a little bit more on the cut (idk idk)
So I made a wishlist that I'm planning on spending my paycheck on instead of rent. 
(jk I'll still pay rent) 

I'm planning on not posting outfits for the next week just fyi. I'm finally taking a blogging break that Keit (thanks again for being supportive n just rad as shit ily) suggested a while back and now I'm finally going to do. I plan on playing some video games, watching game of thrones and doing giant photo shoots with Thu :) 

(so I'll come back with prettier pictures)

Toy Guns

Wearing overalls is something I've avoided for a fair amount of time because if you haven't noticed I have hips. I finally budged because Stylemoi had the cutest pair of overalls!  It's pretty hot here in Maui so I didn't try to do my crazy layering (I wish I could because I have some sick ideas)
I decided to let the lips do the talking for my outfit by wearing my AA crop top (I know that sentence was corny ok)
For me it's one strap because for me it personally breaks the outfit up and shows my graphic a bit more.

*Life hack*  For those who want these super cute overalls!
Sizing runs small! I'm typically a small to a medium and I actually got a size XL which fits pretty well please keep this in mind if you are tall or curvy! :) 


Monday, May 25, 2015

Add caption
(Artist is Keith Hering)

For Visual we had to take a Pop-artist's work and incorporate it into a visual window display.
I obviously picked Keith Haring because he and I share a love of the D (whoops tmi)

Basically the figure learned to stand on water and
 is in a bitch fight with the dolphin thing in the ocean because it ate the red homie's ring. 

This was an assignment in fashion school I'm not even playing

These Days Pass Me By

 Photo by: THU TRAN

 I love this vest, I really do. It apparently comes in three different colors but in my opinion black is the best color. It's summer and I'm not going to wear sleeves with a vest because I think it looks weird so I instead wore my grey sweater vest. I love this sweater so much it reminds me of the American Apparel Fisherman metallic sweater except it's sleeveless.

I really think I need to go skirt shopping because I keep wearing my Zara skirt. Luckily it's sales day so I'll be sitting on my bed browsing through it all.

Be warned though when shopping for a skirt because it's easy to get sucked into the prices. I always suggest Nasty Gal, H&M, and even Asos depending on the brand for a nice skirt. I say this because I bought a Forever21 skirt only for it to rip after wearing it for an hour. 

I could have spent that $22 at a NastyGal or Asos sale *sigh*


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunny Days

I'm being real slippers actually hurt my foot more than heels. Oh man, I miss my heels but since I'm currently in Maui I know for a fact wearing heels would be a bit tricky.  

Living in California you'll find it pretty normal to see everyone going all Coachella on you whenever it's hot.  I guess it's only a California thing because, I swear in the sea of Hawaiian print dresses and weird tube tops so far I am the only person who decided to go all boho in Maui.